Momentum for Telecom

Momentum, powered by Modas, takes on the burden and responsibility when dealing with tax compliance and regulatory requirements.

Eliminate the need to register with federal, state or local taxing authorities all together – simply focus on sales.



Building A Better Book! Let Modas help you build equity in your book of business.

Building Equity

You can Sell More and Make more Money like a reseller – without having the regulatory requirements or exposure. Let us show you how it works.



No 499A? No Problem… with Modas, you don’t need it – you can sell under ours!

Hassle Free Compliance

You drive the customer relationship, set the terms & pricing & control your recurring revenue while we keep you compliant.



Generate the Right Momentum! You no longer need to turn away Resellers who are non-compliant.

Elevate Revenue Growth

We offer underlying providers of telecom services that sell through channel partners or dealers the ability to save time and money while accelerating sales.


Momentum, powered by Modas, provides:


  • Opportunity to build equity for your book of business
  • Ability to sell more + earn more like a reseller
  • Hassle free compliance
  • Regulatory requirements/exposure are handled in order to become a reseller


  • Fewer opportunities turned away
  • Legal ability to contract with non-compliant resellers
  • Ability to attract mature agents with equity & margin vs. just commission
  • Fewer exemptions to manage, reducing exemption management costs


  • Hassle free compliance
  • More time to focus on sales
  • Reduction of tax exposure to end user
  • Elimination of regulatory liability

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