Top 3 Reasons

to move from an

Agent Program to a Modas Reseller Program

Modas + Resale Partner

Sales Agent

Customer Billing Modas is responsible for your customer’s telecom taxes/billing while you focus on sales and communicate with your clients. Provider of services bills customer and you have no visibility as a Sales Agent on when services is billed, paid, etc.
Bring Your
Own Carrier
Modas allows you to pick the best carrier for your business while managing the regulatory headache.  Bring Your Own Carrier – or – pick from Modas’ providers. You must use your current underlying provider rather than pick your own which opens up risks such as lack of communications to the end user ultimately losing customers.
You Decide
Your Margins
You manage the pricing and determine your own margins while we handle the rest – for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. You have no control over the commissions that are subject to change by the Underlying Provider at any time.
Become a Modas Partner and start generating recurring revenue and brand equity today.

How Our Program Works

Modas acts as the “Master Reseller” and accurately and appropriately handles the taxes and when applicable, all state tax filing and federal regulatory filings and remittance.

You act like the reseller and own the customer relationship, without the hassle of dealing with stress of any regulatory requirements.

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