Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising offers a “Site Host” the ability to capture passive reoccurring income.

Programmatic Advertising consists of pre-sold national ads playing on a large display. A Site Host does not have to worry about marketing their location to potential advertisers. With Modas Systems’ Programmatic Advertising, advertisers proactively bid on airtime maximizing the profitability of the Site Host.

Site Hosts can promote their own products or events at no extra charge by uploading their own ads via an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

The Site Host has the first right of refusal on all ads.
The Site Host can block any competitor or ads they may deem inappropriate.

Site Hosts don’t have to worry about display hardware with units designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and direct impact events.

Units can be mounted inside a location, free-standing outside, dual-sided on external windows with an interior view in one unit, and even displays embedded in Electric Vehicle Charging units.

Simple Benefits

Quarterly income distributions are based on traffic or impressions. Higher traffic locations result in higher income levels for the site host.

Modas Systems offers no-obligation financial forecasts for Programmatic Advertising.

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