Take the next step to generating profitable customer referrals.

Join the Modas Referral Program:

How it Works

Modas Systems pays commissions to Referral Program Members for sales leads that ultimately result in new Modas customers.  Earn commission for any Reseller joining our partner program.  There’s no cost or ongoing requirement for Modas’ Referral Program.

Benefits to Customers

Telecom service providers benefit through a Modas partnership in a multitude of ways.

Resellers save time and money on jurisdictional filings and registrations by outsourcing and automating tax calculations and compliance to Modas. The financial burden to entry is lowered and risks are mitigated while improving internal audit quality with a more efficient means of handling concerning compliance needs. In addition, the complex learning curve affiliated with telecom tax and regulatory compliance is removed – affording Modas Partners the ability to focus on sales.

powered by Modas, provides 100% confidence that our customers revenue complies with multi-jurisdictional tax compliance and regulatory requirements.

Who Can Benefit

The Modas Partner Program benefits:

  • IoT Consultants
  • MSP Consultants
  • VAR Consultants
  • System Integrators
  • Solution Integrators

*Please see Terms and Conditions for complete information.