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Innovating Strategies

Driving an effective Direct or Channel Sales Strategy can mean the difference between wild success and shutting off the lights. You often see organizations focus on their technology development and only think about how to bill the solution at the 11th hour. Modas gives both OEMs and Channel Partners piece of mind that sales tax and or telecom taxes are managed correctly so no one is left holding the bag for unpaid taxes.

Sales Growth without the Expense

Engage with Modas to grow your customer acquisition strategy through our existing Reseller and Agent relationships.

What we do…

  • Immediate access to thousands of sales agents and resellers.
  • Manage Agent Sales Activity
  • Commissions Reporting, Payments, and Tax filings.
  • Manage Reseller Billing and Sales Tax exemptions.
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An innovative platform complete with go-to-market tools including customer billing, tax compliance and remittance that simplify and automate your sales process.

Momentum, powered by Modas, takes on the burden and responsibility when dealing with tax compliance and regulatory requirements. Eliminate the need to register with federal, state or local taxing authorities all together –  simply focus on sales.

Maximize profit and minimize risk while ensuring optimal best in class customer experience.

Simple ways to grow your business.

We provide the tools and resources to make your company a success. Whether you are a Solutions Provider (OEM), Reseller, or Sales Agent – Modas has the solution to recurring revenue at a rapid rate, while staying compliant with all state and federal mandates.


Modas Systems Scales With Your Business Needs.

We are dedicated to help your business scale and adapt to growth.

Modas sets the stage to enable and support growth for all your regulatory and compliance needs.

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