Providing visibility and insights from connected vehicles to help business run smarter, and people drive safer

Our GPS and connected solutions are trusted by more businesses in the U.S. than all other competitors combined.

Our award-winning products provide businesses and consumers with powerful insights to track, manage and protect their most valuable mobile assets.

Featuring an award-winning platform that supports nearly 4 million active subscribers across the company’s growing suite of products for businesses that include lenders, financial institutions, rental car agencies, commercial and local fleet operators, and consumers.


Our FL360 is a modular GPS tracking device that supports all vehicle types

Fleet Visibility

Our plug-and-play fleet telematics solution provides real-time location information, analytics, and actionable insights on your assets and drivers.

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Track your fleet and assets anytime, anywhere on any device

Fleet & Trailer Tracking

Real-time monitoring of assets and workforce to enable timely, informed decisions to help optimize resources, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

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Offers a way to gain visibility into your drivers’ safety and behaviors

Full Visibility

With our state-of-the-art dashcam technology, you can enable your fleet to be confident on the road, and fleet managers to be confident at the office.

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