Why Cirrus

Cirrus is a comprehensive indirect channel program enabling you to sell a full line of solution products to your customers. We are dedicated to creating and managing Master Agent Programs for OEMs that want to engage a Sales Agent Channel. Our Cirrus solution strives to develop and deploy reliable, next-generation solutions that enable our partners to maintain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Modas has developed an innovative foundation to alleviate the burden for any size OEM, Technology and Telecom provider by taking on the responsibility of all tax and regulatory requirements.  We mitigate the risk of tax liability, empower accelerated channel growth by lowering the financial burden to entry and partners garner recurring revenue by leveraging the Modas Platform.

Modas prides itself on having one of the most enhanced sales agent programs in the industry.

Comprehensive Solutions For All Levels

Expand your team and reach with a company that has been doing just that for over 20 years.

The Wayfair decision changed the legal requirements when selling across state lines in more than 45 states.

Resale Channel Partners, Sales Agents, and Affiliates drive nexus (the legal requirement to collect and remit transactional taxes) in most state jurisdictions.

When a company’s activity triggers nexus in a state, they are legally required to register with the state and collect and remit transactional taxes, among other requirements.

Cirrus, powered by Modas, is a unique solution that handles the required back-office needs for Channel Sales: Regulatory Compliance, Taxation, Compensation, and Billing System.

OEMs, Technology and Telecom providers trust Modas to:

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