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Modas delivers channel enablement solutions for OEMs, Technology & Telecommunication Providers to grow their channel strategy.

Our solutions address two areas in the channel sales ecosystem:

Transaction Tax & Regulatory Issues and Multi-Jurisdictional Legal Requirements.

Transactional tax and regulatory issues arise from resale transactions and direct sales driven by sales agents. We solve the multi-jurisdictional legal requirements that are the result of the landmark 2018 U.S. Supreme Court South Dakota v. Wayfair decision.

With Modas’ solutions and value-added services, we serve as a Transaction Clearing House for sales tax nexus, state and federal registrations, tax calculation, filing & remittance, and resale exemption management. Modas strives to simplify the channel ecosystem, alleviate the tax and regulatory requirements and allow our partners to focus on accelerating customer acquisition and revenue growth.

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