Navigating the Minefield of IoT Taxes

Understanding IoT Taxes
1. IoT sensors transmit data – and data is often subject to sales tax as an information service. 

2. Many businesses, which have never had to navigate the world of economic nexus, are now faced with having to do so, in order to meet their legal obligations.

3. Organizations that do not fully understand all that is required when it comes to IoT taxes, run the risk of handling transactional tax incorrectly.  This can be detrimental to their business model and can lead to a negative financial impact, such as audit penalties and fines and even the possibility of having to suddenly raise prices to cover costs.  

Momentum for IoT

Modas’ Customer Success Team works with our partners to properly map each of their solutions.
Our platform accurately assesses the correct transactional tax for each customer in their respective tax jurisdiction.
Removal of complicated Economic Nexus decisions.
Modas takes on any tax audit enabling our partners stay clear of the IoT tax distraction.
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