Momentum for Software

Momentum for Software is an outsourced multi-jurisdictional billing and sales tax solution for Software providers that do not want to deal with the hassle of keeping up with the ever changing tax environment for multi-state sales. Momentum for Software takes the hassle off your plate so you can focus on revenue growth and customer acquisition.

Momentum for Software takes care of all the multi-jurisdictional:

  • State Registrations and Sales Tax Permit acquisition
  • Transactional tax assessments, jurisdictional filings and remittance
  • State Corporate Income Tax Liability
  • State Gross Receipts Payments
  • Other general jurisdictional reporting and filing requirements such as Public Information reports or shareholder and officer disclosures

How It Works

We create a branded billing tenant for each of our customers with their URL, logo, colors and contact information.
Existing customers and products are imported into the platform
All transactions processed through Momentum have the appropriate sales tax added to each invoice prior to distribution to customer;  sales tax assessments are systematically calculated based on each customer’s specific information and tax situs.
Upon receipt of payment, we file and remit the tax to each respective tax jurisdiction.


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Software OEMs no longer have to worry about this onerous monthly hassle.

Learn about the taxability of Software and the importance of understanding Nexus in our ebook:  Understanding Sales Tax on Software.

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