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Modas + Reseller Model

DIY Reseller Model

Customer Billing Modas is responsible for your customer’s telecom taxes/billing while you focus on sales and communicate with your clients. You are responsible for all the billing, bundling, taxes, fees and surcharges associated with your customers’ invoices.
Revenue Assurance You are safeguarded knowing your invoices are in line with all state and federal regulatory requirements as Modas carries the burden and defends the audit. You decide how to invoice customers and carry the possibility for incorrect taxes, fees and surcharges.  You pay for the audit defense.
You Decide Your Margins You manage the pricing and determine your own margins while we handle the rest – for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. You manage the pricing, determine your margins and handle your regulatory and multi-jurisdictional tax requirements.
Financial Back Office Modas takes care of the financial back office and solves the onerous and resource-intensive requirements so you can focus on sales. Hire staff that specifically deals with the constantly changing requirements and understands the tax consequences.
Partner Support

Our Client Success team supports you behind the scenes for all billing, regulatory and tax matters.

You hire the regulatory services, billing support team and a telecom attorney for all your billing, tax and regulatory matters.

Become a Modas Partner and start generating recurring revenue and brand equity today.

How Our Program Works

Modas acts as the “Master Reseller” and accurately and appropriately handles the taxes and when applicable, all state tax filing and federal regulatory filings and remittance.

You drive the customer relationship, set the terms and pricing and control your recurring revenue while we take care of staying compliant in the eyes of the government.

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