Elevate your revenue with Momentum, powered by Modas Systems.

Momentum provides 100% confidence that your revenue complies with multijurisdictional tax exemption and regulatory requirements.

Eliminate areas of risk for your business.

As you expand your service/business into new jurisdictions, you may potentially open yourself up to additional tax and regulatory compliance obligations. Momentum offers the opportunity to safeguard your clientele, address the tax compliance portion of your business and relieve any hassles for your customers.

Trust Momentum for your Compliance Solution.

Trust Modas Systems
for your
Compliance Solution


Most non-telecom companies may be ill-equipped to perform tax compliance activities, and some may not recognize the potential issues.  As business expands into new jurisdictions, inevitably you are opening up to additional tax and regulatory compliance.


  • Save time and money on jurisdictional filings and registrations
  • Outsource and automate tax calculations and compliancy
  • Steer clear of hefty fines
  • Lower the financial burden to entry
  • Mitigate risk by improving internal audit quality and efficiency
  • Remove the huge learning curve in telecom tax & regulatory compliance

Let Modas handle the enormous hassle and complexity associated with calculating, tracking and collecting telecom related taxes, fees and surcharges.

Customizable white label platform handling all tax and regulatory needs.

Create a seamless customer experience with complete billing and multi-jurisdictional tax services.

Set it and forget it: Modas’ TCaaS tax and regulatory footprint covers your business as it expands into new jurisdictions.

Modas handles all tax and regulatory compliance and alleviates the need to register with state, federal, and local tax authorities. Modas also provides future due diligence and security by providing a tax record database for audits. Protect yourself and be sure you are protected if and when an audit happens.

Lean on Modas TCaaS so your company focuses on revenue growth.

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Set it and forget it with our white label customizable solution.
Our ongoing support team will help your business scale and adapt to growth and future needs.

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