MODAS Systems, benefits for carrier SP’s

Eliminate a “knowledge” barrier to entry for carrier SP’s enabling faster sales production.

State Public Utility, Foreign Entity and Tax Remitter registrations in all 50 states and with the FCC.

In 2015 the Universal Service Fund was considerably under funded and is now an area of focus for regulatory enforcement by the FCC.

MODAS’ mCoR service platform will offer SP’s a complete operational framework for compliance, taxation and billing.

MODAS’ mCoR service platform will eliminate the SP’s audit risk for non-compliance, which could jeopardize the carrier’s investment spent developing and training the SP’s.

MODAS’ services and billing engine are customized for the wireless industry. MODAS’ systems are designed to support an area targeted for sales growth by the carriers.

With the forcasted “hockey stick” growth for IoT, the MODAS mCoR solution delivers an automated system for SP’s bundling cellular data with their product and faced with navigating the regulatory maze of telecommunications.