MODAS’ managed, split billing solution for Small, Medium and Enterprise Businesses, enables companies to leverage their buying power and limit costs with our managed service while providing your employees with better plan value.

Our corporate program is designed to help companies reduce expense for wireless spend by moving away from employees away from retail stipends to lower cost, better value corporate service plans. MODAS allows our clients to define limits for data overages that trigger cost recovery through our billing management platform. Your employees will also receive flexibility for options you might not want to pay for like Apple care (insurance) or handset upgrades. You’ll also be delivering better wireless plan value at a lower cost: corporate vs. retail plan options.

Corporate Benefits with MODAS

  • “Zero Touch” service level option
  • Managed, split billing solution
  • Define limits for data overages
  • A professional billing management service to recover cost
  • Reduce wireless spend: corporate service vs. retail stipend
  • Gain control of wireless service that impacts your business
  • Administrative access for transparency, oversight
  • Customer service, support


Employee Benefits with MODAS

  • Better service plan value
  • Flexibility for features and handset upgrades
  • Cloud based easy to use, subscription and service platform
  • No credit or deposit issues to prevent service acquisition