MODAS’ managed billing solution is designed to help school districts close the “homework gap” for students who lack internet connectivity at home and deliver a job tool, benefit to teachers & staff.

We’ve created risk averse program that enables school districts to leverage their public education pricing for MiFi internet and extend that deeply, discounted pricing to teachers, staff & students (parents or guardians). MODAS works on behalf of the school to deliver a “zero touch,” managed service that is no cost to the school district and is tax compliant. We program our solution at the direction of our client, the school district, to implement a program that helps mitigate the digital divide and improve the education process.

School District Benefits with MODAS

  • “Zero Touch” service level option
  • Risk averse, managed service
  • Provide students (parents or guardians) with affordable MiFi internet
  • A solution to help close the “homework gap”
  • Equip teachers and staff with affordable MiFi internet as a job tool, benefit
  • Customer service, support


Teachers, Staff & Students Benefits with MODAS

  • Affordable MiFi service
  • Internet at home for students
  • Job tool, benefit for employees
  • Cloud based easy to use, subscription and service platform
  • No credit or deposit issues to prevent service acquisition


MODAS has the expertise, tools and resources to support mobile learning outside of the classroom and create budgetary funding for schools. We are experts at telecom taxation and regulatory compliance, uniquely qualified to deliver a specialized program to help schools and improve learning. Likewise, our billing platform serves as a singular mechanism to simplify fee collection and free up time for administrators or employees.