Modas Systems can handle Carriers and MSPs billing, taxes and compliance requirements for those that are and are not in good standing

COVID-19 brings on a resurgence of tax and regulatory fears to those that are out of compliance. With states around the country suffering from COVID-19 deficits, they are looking for ways to increase their revenues.

Joel Urano, CEO of Modas Systems, explains to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication, how they got started and why they are growing so fast. Many carriers are just unaware of their delinquent behavior.
Joel Urano

It may not be just for their home state where carriers a have problems. New internet laws are constantly being passed making it impossible to keep abreast of not only all 50 states, but counties and cities across the country as well. Carriers need support from an organization that is dedicated to maintain the highest standards for their company as it relates to taxes and new regulatory compliance issues.

Get ahead of the problem. Contact Modas Systems. There is no need to lose sleep over billing, regulatory concerns and taxes anymore.

Momentum, powered by Modas, takes on the burden and responsibility when dealing with tax compliance and regulatory requirements. Eliminate the need to register with federal, state or local taxing authorities all together.

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