Modas provides complete Revenue Assurance for resale tax exemption management. Have 100% confidence that your channel revenue complies with multijurisdictional tax exemption and regulatory requirements – Modas re-initializes your channel revenue.

Eliminate areas of risk for your business.

As resellers expand your service/business into new jurisdictions, you will inevitably open yourself up to additional tax and regulatory compliance obligations. Don’t let your business suffer with customers not wanting to purchase your product due to the tax compliance hassles; prepare your resellers with the correct tax compliance solution to maintain business and continue with you for years to come.

Trust Modas Systems for your Channel Compliance Solution


How We Help Wholesale Providers

With Modas’ TCaaS, you don’t have to worry about billing retail taxes for your reseller’s internal use service. Modas bills each reseller for their internal use service with all appropriate taxes and fees and you maintain your wholesale filing status.

Generate channel revenue faster with Modas Systems.

  • Lowers reseller financial barrier to entry
  • Faster speed to market for your resellers
  • Streamlined Tax & Regulatory Compliance so your resellers can focus on revenue growth
  • Removes the resellers huge learning curve in telecom tax & regulatory compliance

Our simplified billing service solution helps you regain control of your enterprise like never before with:

  • Manage all tax exemptions in each state where your channel partners operates
  • Increase speed to market for your channel
  • Ensure proper taxes and fees for sold services
  • Single point of contact for tax exemption management for entire channel
  • Single set of valid resale exemptions to track

Let Resellers focus on driving Revenue and not waste time on mundane invoicing and tax compliance. Contact us today to create a complimentary customized Channel Compliance Solution for you!

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